How We Store Data Now, And In The Future

Computing has ostensibly changed the way we access, store, and utilize information. It has changed the way we work, socialize, and even date.

None of this would have been possible if it were not for the power of data storage. From the first 2.6MB hard drive being developed by IBM in 1963, to 2-4 terabyte cloud storage being available today, if we were unable to save and access our information, all our computing power would be all for naught.

But, have you ever wondered how we will be storing our data in the future? We have come such a long way since the first hard drives and punch cards, what will our data storage look like in another 80 years?

Check out this infographic that might just shed some light on how your nonprofit’s employees will be saving and sharing their files in the year 2100!

Image courtesy of Ebuyer Image courtesy of Ebuyer
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