Infographic: Major Gift Fundraising By The Numbers

The nonprofit sector is run almost exclusively off of the generous donations of the people who believe in our missions. These donors are the ones who make our nonprofits tick. Without their support, simply put, we could not complete our mission.

In 2014, $358.38 billion was donated to charities in the United States alone, an all time high in the history of charitable giving. That comes out to approximately 2% of the total GDP.

The truth is, a large majority of these donations are made from a small percentage of the overall charitable giving community. And getting a slice of that pie doesn’t come easy. It takes coordinated and intentional efforts by your charity, and the donor.

In fact, 88% of all money donated in 2014 came from only 12% of the charitable giving population.

Check out the infographic below for more information on how your nonprofit can start working toward prospecting one of these major gift donors.


Infographic courtesy of Bloomerang.

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