Infographic: The Ideal Length For Everything Online

Despite what you might think, there’s no secret formula for creating viral Internet content. There’s no magic wand you wave, and there’s no back room deal being struck to make sure a Tweet gets 200,000 retweets, or a blog post is read by millions of people. What ultimately matters is well written, researched, thoughtful, and current information being disseminated and presented in an interesting way.

We’ve all felt hesitant before hitting submit on a blog post, tweet, or Facebook post, and asked ourselves: “Is this too long? Too short? Will this content resonate? Will anyone even read this, let alone share it?”

According to a recent research, presented by an infographic posted by the popular social media tool, Buffer, there’s an ideal length for almost every type of post on the Internet. Whether it’s a blog, tweet, or Google+ share, there are common themes that exist between the most successful, and most unsuccessful posts.

What you can do, however, is give your content a fighting chance to be seen, interacted with, and shared by others. Check out these guidelines for ideal post lengths, according to Buffer:


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