Infographic Friday: Why Aren't You Mobile?

The goal of a nonprofit, any nonprofit, is to connect with as many people as possible. By connecting with people we raise the funds we need to complete our mission and pay our employees, invite individuals to our events, and let people know we're there for them.

The truth is, the world is going mobile, and it's up to the nonprofit sector to keep up. Without adopting a strong responsive presence it will soon be next to impossible to effectively and efficiently communicate with the people we're trying to help, and the donors who want to help that same population.

With over 2/3 of Americans owning smartphones today, and over 40% of nonprofits and associations not having a mobile responsive website, there's a clear disconnect between the nonprofit sector and the technology they need to be successful.

Check out the infographic below to see why your nonprofit needs to start prioritizing its mobile presence before 2016.


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