Infographic: 12 Key Factors Search Engines Look For


We all want our nonprofit’s website to rank #1 on Google.

But, how do I make sure it get there? And once it’s there, how do I ensure it stays there? Your website is your most powerful, and most customizable online asset. Taking the time to make sure it is optimized to resonate with search engines is worth the time and resources.
Below are 12 simple tips to help get your nonprofit’s website ranking higher, faster.

Here are a few highlights we here at Tech Impact found especially interesting!

  • Prominent social sharing buttons can increase social sharing by upwards of 700%.
  • Longer content, over 1500 words, often ranks much better than shorter content.
  • 75% of web users would NOT revisit a website if it took longer than 4-seconds to load.


12 Key Factors Search Engines Look For Image courtesy of Backlinko
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