Increase Holiday Donations With These 5 Digital Strategies

Mobile Giving

With the Giving Season approaching, some nonprofits are just starting planning, others are still waiting, and just a few have already developed a strategy. According to Google, planning ahead is the best strategy in addition to the following digital strategy tips:

  1. Donors start giving earlier than you might think.

    In late August, Google released their search data on nonprofits, indicating that donation-related searches jump from 2% in August to 21% in September! Nonprofits choosing to wait until the giving season arrives are missing out on the opportunity to boost awareness and appeal to donors who are looking to donate as early as September or October.

  2. Donors start out with a search for nonprofit information

    Before deciding to donate to a particular cause, donors perform a search for information using search engines, social media, video websites, and are even persuaded by online ads! In fact 76% of donors started searching for nonprofit information after seeing an online ad. It's more important than ever to keep your digital channels up to date and as lively as possible.

  3. Video is one of the most powerful digital tools.

    More than 75% of donors indicated that nonprofit video are more compelling when deciding whether or not to donate, with YouTube being the most popular video viewing website. Bringing your nonprofit's story and projects to life with video is more powerful than text or a photograph alone. The most compelling videos are 30 seconds or less.

  4. Donors are mobile and want accessibility.

    87% of supporters who researched a nonprofit via their mobile device found a nonprofit's website to be the most helpful in their decision, and 1 in 4 discovered a new nonprofit they were previously unaware of through mobile browsing and research. If those stats are not compelling enough, did you know that 25% of donors make a contribution with their mobile device? So if your website is not mobile-friendly, you should make it a priority.

  5. Donors want to believe in your mission as much as you do.

    Make it easy for them. Provide a compelling story, images, video, and progress reports with actual data on how donations are being used for specific projects. Get your staff involved in your nonprofit's digital content, by sharing their stories, experiences, and media snippets from in the action (abroad, at a shelter, at an event, etc.). The more transparent your organization is, the easier it is for a potential supporter to connect with your cause on a personal level.

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