How To Develop A Digital Strategy For Your Nonprofit

Image courtesy of Re-inventing By @rishad. Image courtesy of Re-inventing By @rishad.

The online world provides more resources for learning about donor trends, sponsor involvement with charitable giving, and the untapped populations who are interested in your content, but might not be a supporter yet.

  1. According to The Nonprofit Times, your nonprofit organization should assess who they believe to be the target audience.
    Define the target audience based on current statistics, website traffic, and any other source of information. Once you start producing content, this audience might shift some.
  2. Plan how best to reach that audience online.
    For example, the B2B audience, packed with potential sponsors, primarily interacts on Twitter, while the donor population connects via Facebook.
  3. Craft your story and brand your message.
    Storytelling is highly beneficial to any business when it comes to digital marketing. People want to connect to a business or organization before investing in a product or cause. This is primarily due to the globalization of “online selling.” There are so many charities, products, and services available that consumers need to identify a meaningful value or relationship with the brand.
  4. Create content crafted for each audience.
    Potential donors are interested in hearing why your cause is important and typically is compelled by content that tells a powerful story. Current supports want to see the impact their donation had, pictures, videos, and statistics are very empowering to this audience. Sponsors want to see both, a compelling story and data, in addition to a strong social following.
  5. Measure growth or changes in audience over time.
    Using Google Analytics, Twitter Ad Analytics, Facebook Insights and the many other services readily available for little to no cost, determine your nonprofit’s digital impact and readapt your digital strategy. There might be a new social platform 10 years from now that could highly benefit your cause, or a new generation of potential donors might feel differently about how they contribute.
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