How to Become a Blogging Beast: Best Practices for Nonprofits


In this day and age of content marketing, it seems as though every small business, large business, nonprofit organization etc, has a blog. Although each are unique in their subject matter and offerings, the template of online blogs has become more and more uniform and confined in the past couple of years. So, what can you do to break that mold and make sure that your blog stands out? Well for starters:

  1. Provide a two-way street of communication - People enjoy nothing more than the ability to offer up their opinions. People like to hear themselves talk! Give them an outlet in which to contribute to your content and offer up their own words and advice.
  2. Tell and share personal stories - There is nothing that can connect you more with your constituents than a personal story. These are the types of content that will truly allow your constituents to recognize the value in your cause
  3. Tie donor actions to numbers - If you have the means to do this it is important to demonstrate the quantitative impact your constituents are making. There is value in numbers and your donors need to know that!
  4. Thank constituents for their volunteer efforts - This is important in all aspects of your marketing but especially your blogs. Your constituents want to know that their contributions are making a tangible difference!
  5. Repurpose evergreen content - As long as you have content that is applicable regardless of the time of year, week, etc. it is not against best practices to repurpose it. The more exposure, the better!
  6. Recruit guest bloggers or hire someone to write for you - this level of exposure works as a two way street. Hiring someone to write for you that's knowledgeable and influential in the space can not only gain them an audience, but if done correctly, can gain your organization exposure from that influencers network as well.

There are so many different ways and methods to making your blogs stand out and these are just a few. To mix it up, allow your employees to take turns writing content in their areas of expertise. Nothing will empower them, and make them want to share more than understanding that their knowledge is valuable and that their voices are being heard through the company!

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