How to Adapt To Declining Nonprofit Web Traffic



One of the many findings of the recent Blackbaud Benchmark Study was the decline in website traffic for nonprofits, which fell 14 percent from 2011 to 2012.

According to a recent post from npEngage, there are several factors that could explain the decline in traffic. Click-through rates for nonprofit emails is likely partly responsible, as is the rise of social media and mobile surfing. Experts say many people now use social media to interact with nonprofits, reducing the need to visit websites. Despite the exploding popularity of mobile devices, many websites are still not optimized for mobile browsers, which could also drive traffic away.

With that in mind, there are things nonprofits can do if they find their web traffic is declining. The answers lie in data analysis, likely with the use of Google Analytics. Check out npEngage’s post to learn more about ways to identify the sources of lost traffic and strategies to get it back.

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