What Outsourcing Your Data Services Does To Help Your Nonprofit

Internet Data ThemeThere’s often some hesitance when your non-profit considers outsourcing data services. Whether it’s cost concerns, time constraints or reluctance to trust an outside party with such a critical service, it’s understandable for your organization to consider all of your options before outsourcing. Giving your data services to a third party to manage, however, can be extremely beneficial and ultimately cost-effective for your organization in the long run. Here are some ways outsourcing your data services can help your non-profit.

    • Customized databases

      Consolidating data and making systems work together is a common problem for non-profits. It’s often difficult to keep track of what system is serving what function and who is in charge of maintaining each system. These structures need support and maintenance in order to keep running and without them, they can easily fall apart. Outsourcing your data services can help solve this problem. Specialized organizations can develop custom databases that consolidate all of your systems under one umbrella, keeping everything as organized and efficient
      as possible.


    • Technical support

      When your non-profit is running its own data service, technical support can often be tricky. You might not necessarily have someone on hand that is well-versed in technology and support, or that person might have other parts of their job that take precedence. Technological support is not something your organization can afford to cut out, though. Outsourcing your data services will often include technical support, which can be critical when maintaining your technology, as well as your non-profit’’s presence online. Having an expert available to keep your non-profit’s tech up and running is a priceless commodity that is most likely best left to your outsourced professionals.


    • Focus

      Attempting to manage your non-profit’s data services on your own can take up a significant amount of time and effort. This can be especially troubling if you do not have an employee specifically dedicated to technical support and are instead taking people away from their normal tasks to help with IT work. By outsourcing your data services, your staff can concentrate on what they do best—making a difference and furthering your non-profit’s mission. Your organization will save a significant amount of time and resources while your data services are left in the hands of professionals who can more easily and efficiently maintain them.


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