How Microsoft Azure can Work for your Nonprofit



It takes a lot to run a successful nonprofit. Being dedicated to the cause, willingness to work long hours, available to talk to anyone and everyone about your objectives on an endless quest for networking opportunities; and having a creative approach to fundraising and resource management are just a few of the fundamental skills necessary to keeping a non-profit running efficiently.

To really break out of the pack and make an impact, these skills are just the tip of the iceberg. You need an entire team of dedicated professionals who are willing to give 110% of their effort 100% of the time. What’s more, this team needs to work cohesively together, with each member working to their strengths and bringing in additional resources and support to help your nonprofit grow. However, not all nonprofits can afford this size and dedication from their staff, volunteers, or contributors.

Enter - Technology! Having a great tech platform can make managing a nonprofit organization a whole lot easier with a limited staff and budget, but building that platform takes a lot of work and specific tech-based know-how. Many nonprofit organizations don’t have tech experts on hand, but instead attempt to work with what resources are easily available to those who are knowledgeable and passionate about the cause. 

Microsoft Azure is designed to fit directly into the nonprofit system and designed to help users create impressive apps and web platforms that build connectivity and audience potential without requiring excessive knowledge of coding and web-design. The product connects you directly to the cloud, expanding your tech platform potential without requiring you to learn different operating systems or product models. 

What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft's application platform for the public cloud. This platform closely integrates with all other Microsoft products, making it easy to incorporate into your existing tech platforms. It is especially ideal for organizations that have already invested time and energy into other Microsoft products, such as SharePoint, Office and Outlook.

Azure is a one stop shop for web platform construction and management, offering website and application construction, ongoing maintenance, enterprise integration and security and identity management. The Azure platform is designed with hands-on developer tools that make it easy for anyone to put together a top-quality web-platform of app.

Every nonprofit organizer knows the benefits of a quality web-campaign. Being able to use the internet to your advantage to mobilize and drive resources and fundraising efforts is paramount in managing budget and time for your NPO.

Azure is designed to fit any organizational size and budget, with hands-on maintenance plans that pair you with experts who can handle cloud issues for you, as well as an intuitive platform that you can manage yourself to save money. The platform can be structured to any budget, to any skill level, and to any schedule.


For your nonprofit organization to really be successful, you'll want to be sure you are putting all of your resources together to focus on the cause at hand. This means taking advantage of available resources for managing your cloud products and web platforms to spend less time and money on infrastructure and more time on "doing good work"!  more efficient and straightforward.

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