How is your organization contributing to the social graph?

Facebook announced last week that it is debuting a new feature: Facebook Graph Search. These changes to the search bar at the top of your Facebook page allow users to more easily dig through most of the Facebook data that's already available to them. This means that you can search through the profiles and pages of people, organizations or businesses you are already connected to.

The graph allows you to see the things that your friends are talking about-perhaps you'd like to know if someone you know has eaten at a restaurant you're interested in, gone on a trip to a place you'd like to visit or hosted a successful fundraiser that you'd like to replicate for your organization.

You may be wondering what the new graph search means for your organization, and how you can share more things to contribute to the new social graph.

Maybe you need to find a company to cater your upcoming 5K after-party and you want one that has been well-received by area organizations-maybe someone in your circles reviewed one. Type it into your search bar and find out. Perhaps you'd like to know more about organizations using social media to raise funds-you can search through your network to see who does it and ask about their experience, or you can see how well it worked for them. Learning to use the social graph search is a great way to understand other organizations.

On the other side of the coin, the Facebook social graph makes your comments and shares searchable-so what is your organization doing to contribute?

If you hosted an event and loved the caterer, did you leave a positive review? If you attended an event (like a Technology for Nonprofits discussion group, perhaps?), take a minute and share the things that you learned with your Facebook fans!

The Facebook social graph has the potential to help your organization out, but remember, you should also be contributing to to the graph!

Tell us, is your organization making contributions to the social graph?

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