How Google Can "Grant" Your Wishes

The core struggle of being a nonprofit organization centers around funds. In for-profit organizations, there are enough monetary resources to cover the costs of marketing, salaries, operations, etc. For nonprofits, those costs may begin to add up, and fast. In a lot of cases, grants can play a major role and become a vital resource in aiding your organizations funding. Google recognizes that advertising in particular can be an expensive and taxing process to take on as a nonprofit organization. But who better to trust with your advertising than Google itself?!

If you qualify as an eligible organization, Google is willing to provide grants of $10,000 USD/month in advertising via Google Adwords to your organization. Imagine the possibilities in growth, donations, and other aspects for your nonprofit! If you think you might be an eligible organization, check here. It wouldn't hurt to sign up and potentially gain remarkable monthly advertising from one of the biggest thought-leaders in advertising there is! Not only would this help you to grow your donor-base but it would also highly help attract and engage your constituents.

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