Have you thought about the costs of your technology?

We've talked before about the hidden costs of your organization's technology-especially as it relates to your social media. Time is money after all, and it's important to realize that regular maintenance does require a regular investment from your staff.

There's a more obvious cost associated with your technology that we did not address in our previous post-the actual cost of the hardware and software itself. If you're trying to take the temperature of your technology, it's important to take stock of the regular cost of maintenance of your devices. You may have accounted for the initial costs-the sale price-but did you consider the additional costs? Maintenance? Extra equipment? Special cables, jacks, ink, toner or software updates?

We don't want to scare our nonprofit partners off-technology is icredibly helpful and can make everyone's job a bit easier, but it's important to consider the costs of maintenance as you develop your technology strategy.

Here's a few costs that we want you to think about as you buy new technology?

  • Does this piece of equipment require special infrastructure? New wires? New cables?
  • Is there a cost associated with updating your software?
  • How long does your warranty last? What does it cover?
  • Do you need special training in order to use your new equipment?
  • Do you need to regularly replace anything on your equipment? (For a printer-ink, toner, paper)

This is by no means a comprehensive list. Have you updated technology and discovered a hidden cost? Have we forgotten a question?

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