Google Account Security Tips


Apps connected to your Google account are sites and applications in which you have granted permission to access your Google Account. There are several different levels of access you can grant, from viewing basic profile information to having full access to your account. With the rise of cyber security attacks, within a matter of moments all of your sensitive information and even your career could be in jeopardy. 

Apps connected to your account, which you can view at: Provides a list of your connected apps and the level of access you've granted permission. 

The most common apps that connect to your Google account are SaaS apps, Chrome extensions, G Suite add-ons, and mobile apps.

You’re only as secure as the least secure app your account is connected to, and if you’ve connected to a vulnerable Chrome extension that has excessive access to your account, a hacker may not even need to target you at all. Instead, they can just target the app that has access your Google account.

In general, you should remove access to any apps or websites you don’t use and those that ask for excessive permissions. Before you install new apps, check user reviews to see if it’s created and maintained by a trusted organization. Apps with thousands of five-star reviews are typically a safer bet than those with a small number of reviews.

Lastly, if you have a Google account for work, your IT team will likely monitor which apps you’ve connected with your account. This will protect both you and the organization as a whole.

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