Goodbye NPower, Hello Tech Impact!

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As you have heard, NPower is changing its name to Tech Impact. Tech Impact will also become the new parent to npCloud, VolunteerConnect, and ITWorks.

This post will explain to you what is changing (not much) and hopefully answer any questions you may have. If you still have questions after reading this letter, do not hesitate to contact me.

What isn’t changing?

We are the same organization: we have the same EIN number 74-3062511 (although our name has changed with the IRS), the same address, and the same phone number. All of your current contacts, and the people you have come to know, are still here and will be happy to hear from you.

Our mission is also the same as it was under NPower. Tech Impact’s mission is to ensure all nonprofits can use technology to better serve our world. We are not dropping any services from our portfolio. In fact, we will be adding services and products to better serve you.

What is changing?

  • E-mail Addresses: our old e-mail addresses will still work well into the future. Do not hesitate to send an e-mail to an NPower or npCloud address. We will respond to your from our new address. You will also be able to contact any of us by using the front half of our current e-mail address with in place of,, or
  • A New Toll Free Phone Number: We will be adding a toll free, phone number (1-888-798-1350). This phone number is currently for npCloud products only, but will switch over Tech Impact on January 31
  • Our Website: Our NPower websites will change to as of January 31. You will be re-directed to when you navigate to the or sites.,, and will still be active.

Why the change?

In 2003, Microsoft and a small group of foundations started a capacity-building organization that could provide hands-on technology help to nonprofits in the greater Philadelphia region.

Back in 2003, no one could have anticipated how much technology would change. The availability of Broadband and Cloud Services has transformed much of what we do, and it has changed what nonprofits expect from us. We have added the brand and we are now getting calls from Florida, California, Texas, Washington, and New York. Nonprofits are calling us because they need our help. And because of new technologies, we can help.

Changing from a regionally-exclusive organization to an organization with national impact is a big step, and one that deserves a new name. We are not just serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, or New Jersey exclusively anymore. At the same time, we have not lessened our commitment to nonprofits in that region. We've helped over 730 nonprofits there. We're not going anywhere!

We're excited about what the future holds. We hope you are as excited about these changes as we are. It is our goal for all of these changes to have an unequivocally positive impact on the nonprofits we serve.

The organizations we serve are at the core of our mission, and we intend to keep it that way.


Patrick Callihan
Executive Director, Tech Impact
417 N. 8th St., Suite 203
Philadelphia, PA 19123
215-557-1559 x109

Have technology questions or want to learn more about how Tech Impact can help your nonprofit?