Free Nonprofit Resources for Fundraisers, Marketers & Executives


Classy put together a list of their most popular guides for fundraisers, marketers, and leaders. The best part about it is that they are all free! Read below to learn how to raise funds, increase your brand presence, and achieve greater impact. 

Top Guides for Fundraisers

The Anatomy of a Successful Fundraiser

  • How email nurturing can improve fundraising results
  • The importance of creating a relatable narrative
  • The benefits of fundraising where your community spends their time
  • And many more tips you can start using today!

The Nonprofit's Guide to Recurring Giving

  • Why your nonprofit needs an online recurring giving program
  • How to ask supporters to join your monthly giving program
  • How to brand and promote your program 
  • BONUS: Real-life examples of successful recurring giving programs 

The Nonprofit's Guide to Pitching to Corporate Sponsors

  • Sponsorship benefits and the different types 
  • How to:
    • Evaluate your goals & assets to determine the best partnership opportunity for your organization
    • Identify like minded organizations to work with 
    • Prepare to pitch a corporate sponsorship
    • Deliver an in-person presentation that closes the deal

Top Guides for Marketers

The Big Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

  • Key stats and trends about every social network
  • Fun and creative campaign ideas
  • Actionable tips to improve donor engagement on each social channel
  • Concrete examples of visual storytelling that will enable you to demonstrate impact

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The Nonprofit's Guide to Google Ad Grants

  • The Google Ad Grant basics
  • How to apply for and set up your Google Ad Grants account
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to build your Ad Grants campaigns
  • How to optimize your use of the platform to gain more visitors and online engagement

Top Guides for CEOs and Founders

Guide to Annual Reports for Nonprofit Organizations

  • How to structure a simplified annual report
  • Key sections to include and what information is critical to highlight
  • Ideas for a new print or web-version format of your annual report
  • Examples of best-in-class annual reports other organizations have created

Money for your Mission: Emerging Models for Success

  • The pros and cons of becoming a B Corp vs. a nonprofit 
  • The top programs supporting social entrepreneurs today
  • How to diversify your funding portfolio and what channels to consider
  • The most effective strategies for attracting new investors
  • Why curiosity and the ability to adapt are the two most important factors contributing to your team's future performance

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