How To Find (And Remove) Fake Followers On Twitter

When it comes to Twitter, it’s not uncommon for fake accounts to clog up your social media channel. They might be following you or you could even be following them without realizing it. These fake followers clutter your stream, reduce engagement, put you and your real followers at risk for scams and could get your account deleted. Additionally, they cannot participate in your non-profit’s services, making it more harmful to ignore them then to get rid of them. Here are a few ways to discover and rid yourself of your potentially harmful fake followers.

    1. Fakers App (Currently down)

      Status People have created the Fakers app, meant to check fake, empty Twitter accounts, allowing organizations to easily see how many false accounts follow them and their competition. To sync it up with your non-profit’s Twitter account, go to the website and click ‘Connect to Twitter.’ After authorizing it to connect to your profile, you will be able to view a follower report. You will then be able to see which users are fake or inactive. The app defines a spam account as one with few or no followers, little activity and follows a large amount of people. It also gives more details about your non-profit’s followers, such as what language they speak, how often they tweet and how many people they follow. With this app you can get unlimited checks on your Twitter handle and eight searches for free, or you can pay for more premium services.

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    1. Fakefollowers (Currently down)

      A free tool from Socialbakers, Fakefollowers checks a random sample of 100 of your non-profit’s followers against their criteria to determine fake followers. This includes a follower-to-following ratio, ‘spammy’ words and percentage of tweets that are retweets or links. Accounts are considered inactive if they have not tweeted in 90 days or have sent less than three tweets. To utilize these services, type in your non-profit’s Twitter handle and click Check. After granting access to your organization’s Twitter account, you can view an analysis of your followers. You can block suspicious followers with the Block All button.

      3. Outsourcing

      While utilizing apps can be effective in getting rid of fake followers, sometimes outsourcing to a professional is the best way to cleanse your accounts. Social media agencies are equipped with tools to hunt down fake accounts and block them from your Twitter stream before you or your followers face any negative consequences. While it does cost to acquire one of these agencies, some are priced with non-profits in mind, making it more reasonable for your organization’s budget. With an outside agency taking care of the clutter on your stream, you can concentrate on other aspects of your marketing and continue to focus on furthering your mission.


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