5 Email Tips To Inspire Millennials

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Did you know Millennials (1980s - 2000s) prefer to receive email from nonprofits over their smartphones versus social media? According to Achieve, nonprofits are missing great opportunities to engage donors via email.

The problem: nonprofits aren't "inspiring" action with lengthy, wordy newsletters and annual appeals for funds, on top of too many emails! It all starts to turn into spam (to donors at least) after a while.

Acquire appropriate tools

Start by managing your email campaigns with through a mail service, and don't forget to integrate the campaign service with your CRM!

Merging the two will help you segment your audience and provide the appropriate calls-to-action and information desired by specific audiences, such as Millennials.

Inspire action

Did you know that 65% of Millennials subscribe to 1-5 nonprofits? What will make them stop to read your nonprofit email over another's? Clear, concise, and short text. Letters from your nonprofit's executives and board may seem like a powerful appeal, but those letters can be lengthy, generic, and not eye-catching.

Try putting a call to action right up front, "Sign our petition to stop world hunger", or "Donate $5 to Habitat for Humanity so we can build more homes!" Then, add a photo, something that express the need without words, and include a link in the call-to-action or just above the photo. Whatever you put after that won't matter as much, but maybe some information about the cause or project, and your organization to convince those who aren't quite sold yet.

Optimize your design

Since Millennials are tech-savvy, and prefer reading information from nonprofits on their mobile device, make sure your email is either responsive (scales to screen size) or a 1-column layout so your text does not get jumbled. This is another great reason to keep emails concise--Millennials are likely checking their email on-the-go.

Provide content they want

A good way to find out what any audience segments wants to read, is by experimenting! Track clicks and un-subscribes to find out what really attracts these unique donors.In general,

Millennials want to:

  • Hear about events
  • Learn the impact of their donation
  • See success stories
  • Receive quick updates (link out to lengthier articles)
  • Be updated on volunteer opportunities

Follow up

Show your donors that every little action is appreciated by sending them a thank you email. If you are a larger nonprofit, with thousands (and maybe millions) of donors, this might be hard to customize, so really make sure you take the time to thank the 'big' donors or those that give annually.

Image courtesy of The EmailADMIN.


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