Dropbox Hacked: Does your Nonprofit Use it?


Over 60 million accounts have been hacked. 

Motherboard reported that the records of 68 million account users had been hacked. Earlier this week, Dropbox announced it was forcing password resets for a number of users after discovering a set of account details linked to a 2012 breach. The company did not publish an exact figure on the number of resets, and said it had taken the move proactively.


Nearly 32 million of the passwords are secured with the strong hashing function bcrypt, meaning it is unlikely that hackers will be able to obtain many of the users' actual passwords. The rest of the passwords are hashed with what appears to be SHA-1, another, aging algorithm. These hashes seem to have also used a salt; that is, a random string added to the password hashing process to strengthen them.


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View the original article from Motherboard   Featured Image Courtesty of Flickr
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