Does Your Organization Send ‘Welcome Emails’ To New Donors?



A lot of organizations use email to interact with donors, but how many use specifically tailored emails to welcome new donors once they begin to support the organization?


According to a recent post from npEngage, specifically engaging new donors is a critical strategy when attempting to retain regular support. A lot of organizations simply add new donors to the main mail list, but these experts say organizations should be sending a “welcome series” of emails to new donors.

In short, sending a welcome email shows a new donor that your organization noticed their contribution, and appreciated its value. By sending a specific email tailored to acknowledge the donor’s first contact with your organization, you show that their support is not only recognized but valued.

Not enough organizations are doing that, and it’s probably hurting donor retention. If your organization uses email to interact with donors, you may be interested in reading npEngage’s post to learn more about how you can get more out of your efforts.

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