Delaware ITWorks Graduates Reflect on the Program


Delaware ITWorks students just graduated on July 1st, and two standout students delivered moving speeches about their journeys before finding the program, and their thoughts on the 16-week process. Greg Cody stated, “I cannot even begin to put into words the hard work and dedication that has been put forth by our class for the past 16 weeks. We learned, we competed, we laughed… but most of all we grew as young adults.” Steven Solomon started his speech telling us, “I was at a point in my life where I just made it by every day, but I wasn’t accomplishing anything. I felt like I was just sitting by watching the world and everyone in it pass me by and I was almost ok with that.” He says he almost gave up on success before finding ITWorks. “This program completely changed my life in every possible way. I went from not being qualified for anything more than a job in retail to being able to work in one of the biggest growing fields there is.”

Greg also spoke about how ITWorks has improved his life, saying “ITWorks has truly given me a second chance - one that I can’t even begin to understand or appreciate at this point in my life. This incredible program has given me friendships, certifications, and unforgettable experiences with many of the largest corporations in Delaware. More importantly, it has given me a sense of self-importance and meaning. I can finally be proud of the direction I am going and the progress I have made in my pursuit of success and happiness.”

Graduating students have a true desire to pursue a career in technology. Steven put it perfectly, saying “Each person that goes through the IT Works program goes through it because they need an opportunity that they can’t get anywhere else. And it is not an easy program, it takes true passion and determination to make it to the end, but that’s why each of us our here today. We all have that passion for technology and we all have that determination to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. The past 16 weeks have been not only an amazing learning experience but it’s been a journey that I was lucky enough to take with amazing classmates and astounding instructors that guided us along.”

Steven ended his speech thankful for the program and his classmates. “I want to thank the ITWorks program and my instructors for giving me such an amazing opportunity and for always being so helpful. I will never forget what you have done for me and I will be forever grateful. I also want to thank my classmates for being like a second family and for always helping one another - you guys really made it a great experience. I will miss every one of you but I’m certain I will see you all again when we cross paths in our careers.”

ITWorks is proud of all of our graduates for making it through a tough 16 weeks – and now we’re looking for more students to join us in the fall! Get started on your IT career by applying now.

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