Data Loss - A Catastrophe For Nonprofits

The loss of digital data is one of the most critical issues facing the nonprofit sector today. Most organizations underestimate the true costs, both to the community and to their organization, that data loss can represent.

In the bits and bytes on every hard drive of every nonprofit is the sum total of thousands of hours of work. All of our records, all of our grants, all of our outcomes are stored in wafer-thin plates that spin at blinding speeds. There are a thousand points of failure.

Failure, when it comes, threatens not only the nonprofit organization but the people it serves.

Supporting Kidds, a nonprofit that serves grieving children, entrusted their technology to a vendor who did not take steps to ensure that backups were working properly. When the hard drive on their server failed, the organization was paralyzed.

Recovering their data took a trip to the Forensic Data Specialists and nearly two weeks. And they were lucky that the data could be recovered at all.

Stories like this are the reason we designed npVault. External hard drives that are brought "off-site" are only as good as the person who remembers to take them home each night. Tapes that are "regularly swapped" are as trustworthy as an old 8-track. Online backup solutions that aren't monitored set up properly can give a false sense of security. And yet, these are the solutions nonprofits most typically rely on.

We worked hard to make npVault incredibly affordable for organizations like Supporting Kidds. We also designed the service to take the weight of responsibility off their shoulders. We’re the experts so they don’t have to be.

Supporting Kidds is not alone. In fact, a recent study we performed with the help of JPMorgan Chase indicates that as many as 80% of all nonprofits do not have adequate data backup and protection. Most don’t know what would happen if there was a failure, or who they would call.

We’re here to give those nonprofits a reliable answer.

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