CXWorks Student Spotlight - Raul Belloso

If you can believe it, the last eight weeks have flown by and our Spring 2018 cohort of the CXWorks program is graduating tomorrow! You might remember Raul, a recent High School graduate who applied to the program so he could start a meaningful career as quickly as possible. Now, he’s closer than ever to realizing that goal. Check out the blog below to learn about his experience at CXWorks!

CXWorks: Just like that, the last eight weeks have come and gone and now you are just a day away from graduating! Walk us through your journey – what was it like?

Raul: It’s hard to capture into words really. I put in a lot of hard work and effort. I know that I’m a better person now than I was then. That’s not to say that I was in a bad spot by any means, but I’ve learned a lot. Being a recent high school grad, I am a novice in a lot of areas and I feel like I’ve been able to mature as a professional exponentially over the last eight weeks.

CXW: I imagine that must be satisfying to realize you are a step ahead! Is there one thing that you would consider your biggest takeaway from the program?

R: I would say that my biggest takeaway has been the knowledge I have gained from our instructor, Bri! I don’t think she realizes the impact she has made in my life, and for all of us really. Her honest teaching style by giving us what we needed to hear every day, as opposed to what we wanted, will stay with me forever. She didn’t hold anything back, and it created a really unique learning environment. I don’t see the same classroom of students that I started with because we have all transformed so much.

CXW: That really says a lot about the classroom environment here, especially since you’ve been in other classrooms recently. We love our instructors, and Bri does an amazing job! How about outside the classroom, did you have a favorite Friday Session?

R: When we were at Barclays! I’m a little biased because my mentor was there, but their entire team is so connected and committed to this program that you can feel it when you’re there. We had two Friday Sessions there and they were phenomenal! I know that Barclays is one of the reasons that CXWorks got its start, and the investment from the entire company is so real.

CXW: It’s amazing that we have partners who support this program and our students on so many levels. They are top notch. So, with graduation coming right up I hear that you have some interviews! Congrats! How are those going?

R: I’ve had several interviews so far, but no job offers just yet! I know that previous graduates have been super successful in finding employment quickly, so I am confident that I will follow suit. The proof that this program works is out there, so there’s no reason I can’t be just as successful as the alumni!

CXW: That’s such a positive attitude and mindset! I bet within the next week you will have your first offer, which is remarkable. Now that you’ve been through the program and know what it’s all about, why do you think it’s important for the Las Vegas community?

R: Everything about Las Vegas is about working with people, there’s really no way around it. So CXWorks is so important here to get people a foundation of the skills that they are going to need in ANY job they have in the future. I honestly think everyone could benefit from spending some time in the CXWorks classroom!

CXW: So true! The skills that you have learned and mastered can really be applied anywhere. Is there anything else you want to share about your CXWorks journey?

R: Take advantage of this network! There are countless access points everywhere that you look. This has been such a blessing, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity.

Congratulations to our newest graduates! They are an impressive group of young people that are going to make a difference in Las Vegas’ customer service industry. Best of luck!

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