CXWorks Student Spotlight - Catching Up with Nichelle


The first CXWorks class of 2018 has been a great experience so far. Students have been immersing themselves in the world of customer service on their 8-week journey through the program. Las Vegas native, Nichelle, had been looking for a career pathway when her JAG instructor from High School sent her an email about CXWorks. The rest was history!

We spoke with Nichelle about her experience and goals a couple weeks ago during the start of the program. We decided to catch up with her to see how CXWorks has impacted her since the start and if she's been able to reach those goals through the program. Read on to learn more.

"You will make connections with people that didn’t think you had access to. This program makes you feel like you are accomplishing something, sets you up for a better career, and is worth every single second."


CXWorks: So eight weeks have just flown by, and now you’re just a few days from graduation. Congratulations! How does it feel to have successfully completed the CXWorks program?  

Nichelle: This program has been really great. Aside from spending time in class, I’ve grown so close to all my classmates and we’re basically like a family. We spend a lot of time together outside of class, too, especially since some of us came from different countries and didn’t really know many people in the area. So, it’s going to be sad to leave this behind, part ways, and not see each other every day, but I can’t believe how we’ve come together over the last eight weeks. I am excited for my own future, and for my class collectively. I can honestly say that we are all truly happy, and there’s a lot to be said for that. This will be a defining moment in my life for years to come.

CXW: What is the most valuable thing that you’ve learned while in the program?

N: I learned to be adaptable and how to communicate with other people based on where they are at. I think those two go hand-in-hand. When it comes to communication, you have to determine where someone is in their knowledge, understanding, emotions so you can best help them. Bri has also taught us a lot about being confident in our skin and in our skills, and I will use that life lesson forever!

CXW: I heard that you’ve had a few job interviews already! That has to be a pretty good feeling, right?

N: I have a job offer! I am still weighing my options, but I think I’m going to accept it. I had two interviews, and have been invited to apply elsewhere as well. No matter where I go, it’s going to be amazing, Because I didn’t have a job before, and now I will. That is a GREAT feeling!

CXW: Is there anything you’d like to say to your instructors or classmates?  

N: I have to big a very big thank you to Bri! She’s made this all possible. And I want to thank each of my classmates individually for helping me through this program, especially during the tough times.

CXW: Do you have an idea of where you’d like to take your career?

N: I was thinking that I might like to get into finance. We had a session at Barclaycard, and one of the volunteers spoke about his career path – he started at one job with a company and ended up working at the same company but in a completely different field. So, I started thinking about it, and math and numbers has always been interesting to me. I’d love to be able to help people in the finance area – especially those that need it most!

CXW: How would you describe the program to someone like you who is considering applying?

N: This program is a very informative and constructive eight weeks. You will make connections with people that didn’t think you had access to. This program makes you feel like you are accomplishing something, sets you up for a better career, and is worth every single second.

Congratulations to Nichelle! Are you interested in a customer service career? 

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