CXWorks Prepares Incarcerated Women for a Career Outside of Prison

Tech Impact’s Customer Experience training program, CXWorks, offered to incarcerated women at Delaware’s Baylor Women’s correctional facility prepares them for a career outside of prison. 

Evelyn Coombes and Kelly Lawlor are already considering what their next career will look like in customer service. Both women graduated from the CXWorks program this past year, our customer experience training program, where they learned core skills to become customer service specialists.  

After running the CXWorks program successfully in the Las Vegas area, and successfully reskilling 80 participants for the job force, we sought the opportunity to expand the program by bringing it to Delaware’s Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution. Over eight weeks, CXWorks participants are immersed in lessons and programs that teach not only requisite skills for becoming a successful customer service representative, but also soft skills to bolster career growth and self-confidence. 

Both Evelyn and Kelly have backgrounds in the food service industry working as a server and chef. Kelly found herself drawing from her past employment experiences in the CXWorks program, particularly in following directions closely and working with others. 

Evelyn and Kelly were a part of the first CXWorks cohort at Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution (BWCI). A group of six women participated in CXWorks training in order to prepare for a career upon their upcoming release. “I was interested because I want a trade to take home to higher my chances of employment,” says Kelly. “I really [wanted] to gain a skill while incarcerated.”  

Both women identify how CXWorks has helped them advance professionally. Evelyn learned more about having a growth versus fixed mindset and how to interact with different personalities. “Personally, I am working on how to be more confident and how to accept positive as well as negative feedback.” 

Kelly shared, “First, the program helped me to understand that when I’m employed by a company, I represent that company and its products. Second, the program changed my mindset about employment; it does not have to be stressful.” 

The CXWorks program supports BWCI’s mission to successfully prepare women to re-enter the community by instilling professionalism, work ethic, and soft skills. With customer service being a high-demand industry, Evelyn, Kelly, and their fellow participants now have a clear career path to employment upon their release, and they won’t be doing it alone, as Tech Impact will be supporting employment placement for the graduates. 

“I really feel that this apprenticeship style model, when it comes to reentry, is the way to go for this really could lower recidivism,” says Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution Teacher Supervisor, Dr. BoNey. 


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