CXWorks Alumni Spotlight - Where is Omar Gutierrez Now?

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As a recent high school graduate, Omar knew he wanted to build his career but didn’t know where to start. Luckily, he found out about CXWorks!

If you don't recall, we interviewed Omar in September of 2017 during his first week of CXWorks, where he stated that "Before I started CXWorks, I was working full-time at a Mexican restaurant. I was feeling really lost, because I just graduated from high school in June and knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential but I didn’t know where to start."

He wanted to be a customer service agent in a company so that he could get the experience to interact with all kinds of people. He stated he "has some interest in investing and real estate, so I think I’m a very business-oriented person." In the long-term, he wanted to use the customer service skills he would learn at CXWorks and apply them in the future to possibly owning his own business.

We then caught up with Omar again prior to graduation where he stated, "The biggest challenges I faced were not knowing how to answer certain behavioral questions in an interview. Our instructor, Bri, really helped us come out of our comfort zones so that we could embrace these uncomfortable situations and begin to be comfortable on any question an employer would throw our way. My biggest victory here was gaining my first job offer! Now I can look at my future in a different light. I now have a stable career and can start investing in my future!!"

He was eager to start his career at the local branch of an international company. He was beaming as he stated "I went on a live interview yesterday and received my offer and start date. I’m really looking forward to my first day in my new role and the start of my professional career."

We caught up with Omar since then to find out how he's enjoying his new career and how CXWorks has impacted his experience. As of February, 2018 Omar is working for the PRA Group and says that "CXWorks has really impacted my life in the best way. It helped me to see who I really am as a person! I feel like I’ve really found myself and polished all the skills I already had while also adding my new skills that I’ve learned along the 8-week course. CXWorks is amazing!"

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