‘Crowdfunding’ A Major Success In Wake Of Boston Bombings



When most of the nation became glued to their televisions and computers in the wake of last week’s attacks in Boston, calls to provide aid for the victims were almost immediate.

As reported in The Verge, online fundraisers have taken to the web in a slew of efforts to raise money for the wounded victims, and their undertakings have once again demonstrated the massive power of online fundraising.

Bucks for Bauman, a campaign raising money for Jeff Bauman - one of the victims whose devastating injuries were shown in widely circulated photographs just minutes after the bombs exploded - raised a quarter of its $1 million dollar goal in just two days. Similar campaigns have been launched for other victims and relief organizations, and observers have been taken aback by their success.

Not every organization’s cause is tied to such a dramatic and harrowing tragedy, but the success of these online campaigns shows us just how effective online fundraising can be when you have a compelling narrative and quality engagement with your supporters.

Check out The Verge’s piece to learn more about these great causes.

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