Why Editorial Calendars Help Nonprofits


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Content marketing, and especially the "storytelling" aspect, is incredibly important in the evolving digital world. Each story must be compelling and easily shared in the social sphere, sometimes in 140 characters or less.

The solution to content marketing and storytelling is blogging, because each post can be easily shared as a link via social media without cutting out vital parts of the story your nonprofit is trying to tell. And the best way to organize and maintain a blog, is by developing an editorial calendar.

Editorial calendars organize posting times, dates, topic, location, and analytics. When all of this information is aggregated, it can be an extremely powerful tool for analyzing engagement, popular topics, and keep track of what your nonprofit has published online. Here are a few considerations from Salsa Labs for creating an editorial calendar:

  • Channel flexibility:

    Make sure the way you record your nonprofit's posts can include social media, content channels, ads, and email marketing.

  • Audience segmenting:

    Your nonprofit likely appeals to a diverse range of audiences, and each audience is appealed to in a unique way. With each group comes a different message, which might not be easily displayed in a single editorial calendar.

  • Accessibility:

    The calendar needs to be accessible to the content owners within your nonprofit, so they can provide real-time updates, such as deadline and status.

  • Finding the right tool:

    One tool might not effectively do all of this, especially when dealing with editorial life cycle tracking, asset tracking, prioritizing, and editorial performance.

  • Cloud-based document-sharing tools or a cloud-based calendar are perfect for accessibility and real-time updates.
  • Excel is a classic information organization tool and great if you work in a smaller nonprofit with a sole content manager.

Read more of this article from Salsa Labs to learn how the Senior Manager of Marketing & Content for Net Impact developed an editorial calendar.

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