2015 Content Marketing Report Benchmarks


The world is rife with marketing trends, techniques, and jargon. It seems like every day there’s another hot fad that every marketing company thinks will change the game.

But content marketing is a new phenomenon. Brands have been telling stories that attract and retain customers for over a hundred years. John Deere released it’s magazine, The Furrow, in 1895, which is heralded as one of the first content marketing efforts by any organization or corporation in history.

Shortly following The Furrow’s release, Michelin developed “The Michelin Guides” a 400 page guide developed to help drivers maintain their cars over longer periods of time.

However, few can argue the rapid rise, and ostensible success content marketing has seen in the nonprofit sector. From being utilized to recruit potential donors to communicating .

Here are a few of the most eye-popping statistics from the 2015 Nonprofit Content Marketing Report.

  1. Sixty-one percent of nonprofit marketers use content marketing.

  2. Thirty-five percent of nonprofit organizations think they are effective at content marketing (up from 26% last year).

  3. Twenty-three percent have a documented content marketing strategy. Those who do rate their organizations as more effective in all areas of content marketing (43% have a verbal only strategy.)

  4. Nonprofit marketers who have a documented content marketing strategy allocate more of their marketing budget to content marketing (33% on average) when compared with the total sample (23% on average).

  5. Fifteen percent of nonprofit marketers say they are successful at tracking ROI; however, having a documented content marketing strategy helps (34% of those who possess one say they are successful at tracking ROI).

  6. Lack of budget is still the greatest challenge for nonprofit marketers, but the proportion citing it this year went down (67% last year vs. 56% this year).

  7. Sixty-nine percent are creating more content than they did one year ago.

  8. Nonprofit marketers are using an average of 12 content marketing tactics this year vs. 11 last year.

  9. The biggest increases in tactic usage have been with infographics and microsites, both up 22 percentage points this year.

  10. Many more nonprofit marketers began using microsites over the last year (19% vs. 41%), and 53% find them to be effective.

  11. The initiatives that nonprofit marketers report working on most are: becoming better storytellers (66%), creating visual content (63%), and creating more engaging/higher-quality content (62%).

  12. The initiatives most often cited by nonprofit marketers as ones they’ll begin working on within the next 12 months are: measuring content marketing ROI (39%), and developing a documented content marketing strategy (37%)

  13. Nonprofit marketers cite Facebook as the platform they use most. Usage has risen from 91% last year to 94% this year.

  14. Nonprofit marketers are using an average of five social media platforms this year vs. four last year; Instagram had the biggest increase in usage (from 17% last year to 38% this year).

  15. Nonprofit marketers gave higher effectiveness ratings this year to all but one of the social media platforms they use (Vimeo usage was down two percentage points).
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