CNSG presents: 4 Ways to Optimize Your Nonprofit Tech Services

CNSG_logoFullColor_webGuest post from our Technology Partner, Converged Network Services Group. CNSG provides comprehensive, end-to-end telecommunications services. From carrier, cloud and IP infrastructure services to contract negotiation, issue resolution and every matter in between—they do it all.

Does this sound like you? Your computer keeps deleting the grant application you’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks because your storage is too full. Your phone keeps sending your selfies to your boss and you can’t figure out why. You want to tweet that there’s a clothing drive on Friday, but you can’t figure out why your Wi-Fi isn’t working. You think an update is going to a fancy restaurant instead of McDonald’s. You had no idea why people keep saying your music is “in the cloud.”

The world of telecommunications can be daunting and overwhelming to organizations currently transitioning to the newest and most efficient services available. The terminology, the wires, and the codes are just some of the things that scare nonprofits away. Who has time to manage services and host data when they’re saving lives, rolling their sleeves up, and inspiring communities?

Recently, Converged Network Services Group (CNSG) launched a quarterly service initiative, to support and give back to nonprofit organizations working to better their communities. It takes the scary part out of breaking down and building up systems and makes it easy for nonprofits to do critical work in their communities. CNSG has always been a top telecommunications leader, providing the best value for the best price.

For years, CNSG has been partnering with 501cTECH to provide the biggest portfolio and catalog of suppliers for its nonprofit teams. This partnership is why CNSG and the DC team are motivated to provide the most comprehensive solutions to back these organizations. We work to maximize technologies available to nonprofits, providing the most objective recommendations and cost-saving resources. CNSG works to familiarize 501cTECH’s nonprofit teams with cloud services, voice/VOIP, and managed telephone services. CNSG’s clients depend on the industry know-how and unparalleled telecommunications knowledge to help assess and implement their needs, and CNSG is committed to optimizing a sustainable technology solution for each and every one.

“As a master agent, CNSG is committed to delivering affordable and effective nationwide network solutions. We know this is so important for the critical work nonprofit organizations do in their respective communities,” said Ali Niroo, CNSG managing partner, “501cTECH has a stellar reputation and we are excited to continue to support their mission of providing innovative and sustainable technology solutions in the DC Metro.”

Here are 4 ways you can optimize your tech services:

    1. Get a comprehensive assessment: It is important to have a comprehensive assessment of current data, voice, and networked services and future needs, to research how to optimize performance and reduce costs. This will help improve the efficiency of daily operations
    2. Get some help: Work with an organization that will oversee every detail of whatever project you settle on, providing ongoing support and detailed information. We know you have important day-to-day tasks, so let us do the heavy lifting!
    3. Go with experience: Partner with CNSG to guarantee an experience driven by specialists who are committed to customer service and complete satisfaction. Our managed services will require absolutely no background knowledge or industry know-how.
    4. Take a deep breath: We know you may have no idea what bandwidth initiatives, VoIP or basic tech services are, but we can help you figure out the best solution to make your team more efficient and budget-friendly.
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