Changing The Way We Look At Tech, Nonprofits And Foundations Come Together To Solve Funding Gap


As nonprofits, charities, and foundations continue to evolve in today’s ever-changing world, the efficient use of technology has become more important than ever before. A lot of times, though, organizations can get stuff in an old way of thinking and consider technology funding as a costly expense, not as a promising investment.

As recently discussed in a post from our friends at Tech Soup, the issue is one that faces nonprofits and foundations alike, and recently some key players from both groups came together at an NTC session dedicated to Bridging the Funding Gap.

According to the post, a lot of the talk focused around changing attitudes toward technology costs. Keeping servers running and maintaining email, software, and other tech needs is no longer just part of overhead, it’s an integral part of doing business well.

Check out Tech Soup’s post to learn more about how organizations are coming

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