Catching-Up with Jesur Castillo: CXWorks Student Spotlight


If you can believe it, the Fall 2018 CXWorks class is just a few days away from graduating! The last two months have flown by, but the students have been hard at work preparing for their new careers. You might remember Jesur – a CXWorks student that heard about the program after his wife’s career was enhanced after completing it. We touched base with him again to see what the program has been like, and what’s next for him. Read on to learn more!

CXWorks: Wow, I can’t believe its already time for your class to graduating! It seems like just last week you had completed your first week. Now, you’ll be stepping into the world of Customer Experience! So, tell us – what has the program been like?

Jesur: You know, it’s been like a roller coaster – lots of ups and downs, but the persistence has paid off! I already have a job offer, in fact everyone in my class already has one. It just goes to show you that the customer service skills they have helped us to attain are what employers are looking for. I had some experience before, but there’s no way that I could have gotten an offer for a call center position without the CXWorks training.

CXW: Oh my gosh – congratulations!! You and your classmates must be so excited! Your hard work is absolutely paying off. What are the biggest takeaways from the program that you’ll take with you in your new career?

J: We have asked a lot of companies that we met about what they look for the most in employees, and it’s been reiterated over and over again that time management is key. I was so surprised to learn that mangers take note of who arrives early and leaves late, who is working their tickets efficiently, who is helping their teammates, etc. And that those things can get you raises, promotions, and special benefits. I want to be that person!

CXW: That is so true. Giving an extra 10% can pay off big time! You mentioned that you had the chance to meet volunteers from a lot of companies. Can you tell us more about how they have helped you?

J: Every single Friday Session, Lunch and Learn, and my mentor have been an amazing resource as we go on this journey. We got to hear first-hand from professionals who have been doing this for years and pick their brains about how we can be successful starting out. It was always cool to see the physical call centers, too! Last week we went to Capital One, and we got to check out the actual call center to see what the environment is like. That is really helpful to take away some uncertainty because we’ve never worked in that kind of environment before.

CXW: How neat that you got the chance to see some call center environments first-hand, even at some of the companies that your classmates might be working for! Now, let’s imagine that we’re five years in the future. Where do you want to be?

J: I’d like to stay and grow with the company that I start with! The company that I’m going to be working for is one that I saw myself being at when we went for a Friday Session, in fact. Eventually I want to be a leader and then a manager. And I’d really like to give back to those that are getting their start – whether that’s with CXWorks or just new employees on my team. 

CXW: With your work ethic and persistence, I have no doubt that you’ll achieve all your goals! While you are just about ready to graduate from the CXWorks program, others might be just starting. Why should someone like you consider CXWorks?

J: It’s a wonderful experience. Opportunities come and go, and often they never come back. Go for CXWorks. You will learn so much about yourself and your career and get the support you need to succeed. My class all walked in as strangers, but we are graduating as a CXWorks family – including the staff. I can’t express how much they genuinely care for all the students. There’s no better place to be if you are looking to get started but are unsure how to do that. After high school, the “real world” can be a scary place. CXWorks makes it easier and more manageable.

We are so excited for your new adventure, Jesur! Best of luck at your new job, and we’ll be anxious to hear how it goes. If you are considering the CXWorks program, the Winter session will be here before you know it! Applications are open, so be sure to apply today at

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