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You don’t need to be a data scientist in order to make smart decisions that lead to better outcomes for your nonprofit. But you may need some additional support to help you select, implement, optimize, and learn how to use various data systems.

Regardless of how mature your data systems are, working with an expert can help optimize your systems so you can better understand and share your impact. Here are three examples of how Tech Impact engages with nonprofits on data support services to help them better leverage their data to be more effective. 

Data Support Case Studies

Taproot_Logo_Yellow (002)

Challenge: Taproot Foundation wanted to optimize its use of Salesforce to support key business processes including finance, fundraising, and program delivery. The organization had migrated to Salesforce Lightning with Tech Impact’s assistance and wanted to leverage Lightning to streamline data input and output to achieve business objectives.

Solution: Tech Impact provided data support that includes understanding and documenting current data flows, working with the stakeholders in the business to understand their key metrics and objectives, and providing ongoing Salesforce troubleshooting support and training for the organization.

Results: Tech Impact, as part of the data support contract, interviewed key stakeholders, documenting data flows and requirements to better understand how data is used at Taproot and how Salesforce is used. We helped Taproot  shorten the application selection process by identifying a shortlist of potential Salesforce apps in the area of professional service automation. In addition, we created Salesforce dashboards for the key business process areas, highlighting key metrics. As a next step, Tech Impact will assist with knowledge transfer through training in reports and dashboards.


ImpactED Logo_4C (1) 

Challenge: ImpactED, housed at the College of Liberal and Professional Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, works with community organizations on research and evaluation projects. ImpactED was using a large number of Google sheets to track contacts, organizations, leads, smaller evaluation projects, larger scale programs, and feedback and outcomes surveys related to them. They needed to consolidate their organizational data into a relational database and create a replicable, flexible way to visualize and report on survey results. 

Solution: Tech Impact customized a Salesforce database to track ImpactED constituents, projects, larger scale program participation and some invoice tracking functions. We worked with ImpactED to develop a PowerBI reporting structure that allows the organization to visualize and group survey responses by program, session, and question. 

Results: ImpactED is using the new tools, with continued (though lessening) support from Tech Impact. They can see relationships and participation in organizational projects and programs through various views and reporting in Salesforce. In PowerBI reports, which aggregate surveys across sessions and programs, ImpactED is able to visually represent and analyze responses to program sessions across programs and measure changes in program participants’ knowledge over time.  

ncrp-social-shareChallenge: NCRP is a research and advocacy organization focused on promoting a democratic and responsive philanthropic sector. Foundations become members and gain access to NCRP community, services, and events. NCRP had engaged with a consultant to customize a Salesforce database for their fundraising and membership data. When the initial implementation was complete, NCRP found that they still needed Salesforce administration, training, and development to ensure the tool would be useful and usable to staff.

Solution: Tech Impact began supporting NCRP in a data support role 6 months ago. Since then, we have developed new ways to track and report on 2020 fundraising goals in the system and built spaces to collect funder survey data in an on-line form engine and Salesforce. We’ve also created a strategy for membership tracking improvements and options.

Results: NCRP has a dedicated Salesforce resource, to support their IT Manager who is new to Salesforce and has many other responsibilities in the organization. 

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