Better Understanding Nonprofits And Their Facebook Metrics


Image courtesy of Black Celebrity Giving Image courtesy of Black Celebrity Giving

Facebook is the flagship social media platform for most nonprofits. For good reason, too. The inherent community nature, pervasiveness of the platform, and the fact Facebook is constantly adding tools for nonprofits to better utilize the social network has made it the perfect choice for most nonprofits.

But understanding how to increase your penetration of the social network is often a challenge for nonprofits. Sure, Facebook offers a robust set of built in analytic tools that visualize a bevy of stats, but with all these stats available to you, it can be difficult to identify what’s important and what isn’t.

The first step to identifying ways to increase your reach and performance on Facebook is identifying which analytic and statistics you should be paying attention to. The truth is, it all starts with the “People Talking About” feature on Facebook. Getting as many people talking about and interacting with your content needs to be priority #1 for your nonprofit.

Sounds intuitive, right? But did you know Facebook offers you post level data, and page level data? Can you, or anyone in your nonprofit identify what that means?

Luckily, Tech Impact is here to help. Post level data reports on the analytic behind individual posts on a page, whereas page level data measures the impact as post has on the entire page. Here are the actions that trigger post level data, and page level data.

Post level data

  • Whenever someone likes an individual post
  • Whenever someone comments on an individual post
  • Whenever someone shares an individual post


Page level data

  • Whenver someone likes a facebook page
  • Whenever someone posts on the page’s wall

  • Whenever someone answers a question
  • Whenever someone RSVPs to a page’s event
  • Whenever someone @mentions the page in a post
  • Whenever someone tags the page in a photo
  • Whenever someone checks in at a place
  • Whenever someone shares a check-in detail
  • Whenever someone likes a check-in detail
  • Whenever someone writes a recommendation
  • Whenever someone claims an offer

Whenever any of the above actions are taken, there is an opportunity for everyone in their network to be given an update about that action. The more updates that are shared among more users, the more exposure your nonprofit has. Running Facebook ads and organically increasing your reach through these actions are the only two ways for your nonprofit to increase its exposure on the social network.

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