Better Storytelling With Live-Streaming Video

Compelling. Emotionally engaging. Intimate.

From Periscope to Facebook Live, Google Hangouts to Blab, live-video streaming apps have taken the marketing world by storm. If your nonprofit isn't on the live-streaming bandwagon yet, now's a good time to take a look at this technology trend.

Why live-streaming? If you want to connect with your audience and provide them with a truly compelling experience, nothing quite compares to live video. In fact, studies indicate that people spend up to three times longer watching live video than pre-recorded video. Whether it's due to the sense of connection that live video offers, the feeling of authenticity, or simply the anticipation of not knowing what'll happen next, this new technology offers an exciting new way to tell your nonprofit's story.

Here are five ways to use this innovative technology. 

Interviews with Staff or Board

As an organization, you want to build a relationship of trust with your current and potential supporters. What better way than through live interviews of board members, staff or clients? Live-steaming interviews with key people in your organization allows your audience to get to know you better, breaking down barriers while showing the human side of your nonprofit and highlighting your commitment to transparency. 

Your Organization in Action

Does your nonprofit build houses, clean up parks, rescue animals or rally at the state capitol? Show your nonprofit in action by live-streaming a day in the life of your organization. Taking your viewers along as you go about your business helps your supporters see what you're all about — and the kind of good work that their donations support. 

That Big Event

Chances are that many of your supporters won't be able to attend that fundraising auction or black-tie gala, no matter how much they'd like to. Live-streaming from your big event broadens your audience, allowing them to feel bought-in and involved even if they're not there in person. Take your supporters behind the scenes for an intimate look into the planning and work that go into your big night.


Encourage transparency and supporter interaction by live-streaming a question and answer session. Set up an invite-only chat room with a staff or board member, client or major donor, and let the questions fly. Not only will your audience get to know you better, you'll also generate content that you can utilize later in social media or blog posts. 

Spark Involvement and Build Community

If your organization has a big decision to make or is seeking input on a policy direction, why not live-stream a forum? Crowdsourcing your decision-making process will allow your supporters to buy-in and feel ownership. Bonus: Brainstorming sessions often spark creativity, leading to innovative ideas that you can use. 

These are just a few of the ways to use live-streaming video. For more technology tips and services for your nonprofit, visit our services page.


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