Best of the Web: October 2014

The Idealware “Best of the Web” is a monthly roundup of the top nonprofit resources from the Idealware blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter feed to help you make the right technology decisions. Please forward it along to anyone you think might benefit from it.

This New Site Helps You Discover the Best Lesser-Known Nonprofits (Fast Company)

"One of the biggest hurdles a nonprofit can overcome is a tall one: getting potential donors to simply know they exist. A new website from Perry Chen, a Kickstarter co-founder, aims to give small-but-worthy nonprofits a boost." Find out how it works, from Fast Company.

Study: Nonprofits Score an “F” in Online Fundraising (Frogloop)
Your online fundraising can use an upgrade, right? Right. Even as nonprofits embrace technology, many of us still lag in the area of online fundraising. Frogloop highlights some of the most common offenses and shows you how to fix them.

Forcing Nonprofits To Lie About Data (Markets for Good)
The use of data at nonprofits is becoming more commonplace, but this positive change comes with its costs. Our own Executive Director and Founder, Laura Quinn, acknowledges one of the dirty secrets of the data-driven nonprofit sector and notes what can be done to right the ship.

The Nonprofit That’s Using Technology to Put Itself Out of Business (Wired)
Technology gives many nonprofits the ability to work in ways that simply weren’t previously possible. Wired shares an enlightening case study about an organization hoping to use technology so effectively that it someday puts itself out of business.

Fighting Online Hate Speech (Google Public Policy Blog)
Any organization with an online presence eventually runs into users that just don’t want to play nice. Cyberhate is distracting for both you and your constituents and generally causes a lot of headaches for anyone who gets involved. Find out what Google is doing to stop hate online, and what you can do to keep your content friendly and on point, courtesy of the Google Public Policy Blog.

Six-Second Fundraising: How to Charm Online Donors With Digital Storytelling (Fundraising Success)
A smart fundraiser never passes up an opportunity to put compelling content in front of a new audience of potential supporters. While you might be understandably skeptical about newer social media tools like Instagram and Vine, Jim Lynch at Fundraising Success makes a great case for how they can be used to make your most compelling fundraising content ever.

Five Stats That’ll Change Your View Of Content Marketing Forever (Tech Impact)
What’s the best way to engage a supporter online? What’s the return-on-investment of your last email campaign? How long should you take to respond to a question on Twitter? Find out the answers to these questions and more, thanks to the blog at Tech Impact.

The 10 Tech Terms You're Mixing Up (Mashable)
Being able to talk about technology is a necessary step to being able to use it within your organization. Can you define the differences between the Internet and the Web, or UX and UI? If not, Mashable has the article for you.

10 Ways a Database Can Help Your Fundraising Efforts (The Data Bank)
It’s okay to admit it: not many of us get excited thinking about databases. But at a certain stage in your growth they become essential to managing a serious fundraising effort. The Data Bank makes a strong case for why you should put in the work now, with a sneak peek at the rewards you’ll reap later on.

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