Best Practices For Nonprofits Using Facebook

Image Courtesy of Facebook for Nonprofits. Image Courtesy of Facebook for Nonprofits.

March of this year (2013), Facebook created a Best Practices for Nonprofits, according to Sprout Insights. The guide details information on posting, storytelling, Facebook Insights, targeting your audience, promoting your cause, and using Instagram to tell your nonprofit's story. Here are a few basic guidelines every nonprofit should follow:

  1. Tell a story
    More than ever, this guide promotes storytelling and the sharing of visual media. By sharing your cause through pictures, video, and supporter comments, you nonprofit is telling an enticing story.

  2. Brand your nonprofit’s page.
    Use your nonprofit’s logo as your page picture. Photos of events, and causes are all well and good as cover photos, but your page picture should be easily identifiable. Also create a custom URL for your Facebook page to make it easier to navigate to.

  3. Always post pictures with status updates.
    Photos are easily consumed and more compelling than text—they literally speak a thousand words!

  4. Speak in the first-person.
    Make your content personal, and easy to connect with. If supporters feel they are interacting with a human being and not just an organization, they will be more sociable.

  5. Share what is going on behind the scenes
    The guide recommends sharing stories from the office or candid moments between employees.

  6. Add a fundraising application to your page.
    Make it easy for potential supporters to take the next step and actually donate.

  7. Add the “Like” button to your website and blog.
    Let users know your nonprofit has a Facebook page, and make becoming a follower as easy as one click.

  8. Only post 1-2 times per day.
    Never over-post; that is a good way to chase away donors and make fans “Unlike” your page. This does not necessarily mean that they do not like your cause, just how you congest their newsfeed.

  9. Keep posts short
    Facebook recommends posts stay under 250 characters, because engagement (such as likes, shares, and comments) increases by 60%.

See the full guide at Scribd.

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