Best of the Web: May 2017

Summer Fun

It’s unofficially officially summer. That means afternoons at the beach, a cold drink in your hand, days filled with sun and fun, and not a care in the world. Unless you work at a nonprofit.

Let's face it. We have a lot of work to do this summer.

But that's good because you’re on a mission.

You’re paying attention because you don’t just care, you’re going to do something about it. So what if you’re not on a beach right now? (Although, people, listen to Beth Kanter and take care of yourself!) You’re staying informed so that you’re ready to do what needs to be done for your community.

Here are the most popular posts on our networks this month. Read them, digest them, take what you need and keep going. Do those demos. Launch that website. Write the code that will save the world. This summer is about pushing past all the craziness and staying focused on what matters.

Let's do this,

Best of the Web: May 2017

Coding Is Not “Fun,” It’s Technically and Ethically Complex (Quartz)

Everyone makes their own fun, so the gripe about how coding is viewed in the larger world feels mostly personal. But what jumps off the page is commentary at the end about ethics in coding. As Vannini points out, more decisions are being entrusted to software, but few of the companies and people writing the code are taking the time to examine their biases. He says, “Programming is not a detail that can be left to ‘technicians’ under the false pretense that their choices will be ‘scientifically neutral.’” 

A Good Nonprofit Database Manager Is Hard to Find (Build)

I think this post resonated with so many people because database managers are often thought of as admins who are doing a job that anyone can do. But if your database manager has ever left abruptly you know that it’s not an easy role to fill. Build breaks down the problem and offers ideas for how to hire and retain a good database manager.

Blockchain Powers a Personal Data Revolution (Decode)

Blockchain seems to have (finally) captured the popular tech imagination. Is this another symptom of digital utopianism or the next big technological revolution? It might come down to who can make money and how. 

Website Success Checklist (FuseIQ)

There’s a reason why website launch or redesign processes often go sideways. We’re all so familiar with websites that it seems easy to make a new one, but the process often isn’t given the attention it needs. This handy checklist helps you think through what you want your website to be—from design and usability to content, SEO, and performance.

Six Tips for Navigating the Vendor Demo (Idealware)

The vendor demo is your best chance to imagine yourself using the software before you actually buy it. That’s why you need to seize the opportunity and not let the demo go by without asking important questions.

The Ransomware Meltdown Experts Warned About Is Here (Wired) 

It’s almost routine at this point that there will be a big online security story every month, but this might be the biggest one yet. Look out for ransomware and back up your data so that you don’t have to pay to get it back.

Hacked! Crooks Are Grabbing Nonprofit Websites and Demanding Ransom (Nonprofit Times)

The Nonprofit Times offers an in-depth look at what can happen when a nonprofit’s website gets hacked and how you can protect yourself.

The Web’s Premier Free Photo Library Opens Up Its Vaults (Wired)

Did you know there are sites that allow you to download photographs for free and use them in emails, on your blog, or anywhere else you need a pic? Unsplash is just one of about a dozen popular options.

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