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Top Things to Consider When Budgeting for Technology

  It's time to think about budgeting for technology - and you need to start somewhere. I checked in with our Director of Technical Services,  Linda Widdop , to get her insight to identify the top things to think about when budgeting for technology.  Linda's advice is backed up by over a decade of ...
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Top 10 Reasons Your Nonprofit Should Consider VoIP

I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the Cloud. Google’s recently announced program for Canadian Nonprofits and Charities, which TechSoup Canada is supporting, is an excellent and valuable resource for prudent organizations looking to stretch their IT budget as far ...
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Advice from Nonprofit Leaders on Budgeting for Technology

For any organization budgeting for technology should be for more than just hardware replacements. A technology budget can help pave the way for the adoption of new practices and innovative strategies to meet your mission. We spoke to a few nonprofit leaders to understand how they work technology ...
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Budgeting for Cloud Based Technologies

We hope you have included Technology in your budget, if you haven’t there is still time. While budgeting for technology it is important to understand the difference between Capital (CAPEX) and Operational (OPEX) expenses. Here’s why:
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How To Use Stories To Raise Money On Social Media

Storytelling and social media – these terms have certainly been thrown around a lot this year! Are they just empty buzzwords, or actual tools that can help your nonprofit raise money online? I firmly believe in the latter. Great storytelling and successful social media campaigns are completely ...
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Is The Sequester Affecting Your Nonprofit? Organizations Tracking Spending Cuts’ Effect On Nation’s Charities

When the Sequester officially hit last week, instantly causing billion-dollar cuts in federal spending, many worried that the country’s charities and social programs would be hit the hardest. In response, two high profile nonprofits are acting quickly to keep track of the Sequester’s impact.
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Celebrity’s Nonprofit Spreads Technology To Promote Peace In Africa

A high-profile American celebrity continues to use his global influence to head a digital-first ­nonprofit that aims to promote peace in Africa by increasing education for young people living in war torn areas.
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Tech Impact Helps Homeless Planning Council Identify Gaps In Affordable Housing

Homeless Planning Council of Delaware (HPC), engaged the services of Tech Impact to create a searchable database, which would capture and collate existing and new housing information for all subpopulations.
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Habitat For Humanity of Charlotte Strengthens Volunteer Bonds With VolunteerConnect

Challenge “We had always accepted hand-me-down technology.” Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte faced challenges of both efficiency and effectiveness when it came to volunteer management. For years, the organization manually entered data on individual volunteers and organizations that had signed up ...
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