Sam Chenkin

Sam is the Director of Consulting Services at Tech Impact, a US based nonprofit providing support to the global nonprofit community. In this role they oversee a 10+ person team helping nonprofits change the world through technology. The consulting group supports hundreds of nonprofits every year as they make decisions about their technology strategy, build data systems, understand their data, and create new software to directly help communities. Sam's responsibility is to help the nonprofit community think creatively about technology and find ways to harness it for true social change. They have a technical background and have expertise in Office 365, Cloud Infrastructure, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Salesforce, and other data and infrastructure related areas. Sam has had 10 years of experience working to create systems change in the nonprofit community. They have a BS and MS in Information Systems and live in a communal home in West Philadelphia, United States of America.

Recent Posts

There is a Better Way: Design Thinking for Nonprofits

Let’s face it, many nonprofits have a hard time unsticking themselves and trying new approaches. Funding structures, management, and lack of time and resources contribute to a sense of monotony and the “daily grind.” These structural issues are real and won’t be shaken overnight, but there are ...
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Become a Data Informed Nonprofit

You’ve probably heard this one: “Nonprofits need to be data-driven to survive in today’s funding climate.” I'm here to help you understand what that means and why it matters.
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A Comparison of Microsoft's Office 365 and Google Apps for Nonprofits

Is your nonprofit considering the cloud? Office 365 for Nonprofits and Google Apps for Nonprofits are both compelling options. Your success will depend mainly on how well your organization’s culture fits with these two companies’ visions. On the one side you have Microsoft with its focus on ...
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Password Stuffing and What You Can Do

Nonprofits need to worry about more than just phishing attacks. One of the most common ways organizations can be compromised is a sneaky attack called "Password Stuffing." In this scenario attackers buy or download lists of usernames and passwords stolen from various insecure websites. This ranges ...
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"Meltdown" and "Spectre": What Nonprofits Need to Know

You may have seen news reports or Internet articles about the recent “Meltdown” and “Spectre” vulnerabilities that were first reported on Wednesday, January 3rd. The whole tech world is worked up about it and it is all over the Internet. Let’s take a moment and understand how this impacts the ...
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