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Three Ways Tech Forward Confirmed My Perspective on Technology and the Nonprofit Sector

After three days of keynotes, breakouts, networking, parties, and exploring our temporary home of Austin, TX, I can truly say the 2018 Tech Forward Conference is one of the proudest moments during my tenure as Executive Director at Tech Impact.
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Tech Forward Sparks a Nonprofit Tech Revolution and You're Invited to the Party

As we approach our second annual Tech Forward Conference, I want to share the vision that inspired the conference and why it’s so important for the nonprofit sector.
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What is Nonprofit Digital Transformation?

No doubt you have heard about (NP) Digital Transformation (DX), or soon will. What does that mean? And, as nonprofit leaders, what should you be considering for your own organizations?
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Cybersecurity Experts are in High Demand, How Can We Help?

In our current world-landscape, Cyberattacks are becoming more and more frequent. So much so that even smaller nonprofits and small-businesses are becoming the targets of these attacks. What used to be breaking news is now just an everyday reality. Because of this, we need cybersecurity experts now ...
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When it Comes to Investing in Technology, Nonprofits Can Learn From Startups

I recently read an interview with Silicon Valley veteran Mark Andreessen that was published in TechCrunch. It was a great interview and I want to highlight one of the quotes from Mark:
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The Disposable Computer

Your computer will be disposable. It can be today, and it definitely will be tomorrow.
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Five Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch

We are watching some interesting trends emerge in nonprofit technology in 2013. Here's what we see:
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Goodbye NPower, Hello Tech Impact!

As you have heard, NPower is changing its name to Tech Impact. Tech Impact will also become the new parent to npCloud, VolunteerConnect, and ITWorks.
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