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How Can Technology Help Nonprofits Run More Efficiently?

How can technology help nonprofits run more efficiently?
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A Global Perspective on Fundraising and Donor Management

While visiting Poland for the Festiwal Sektor 3.0 conference, I learned a bit about how digital fundraising works there and in other Eastern European countries. One person explained, and others agreed, that the whole concept of charitable giving is only beginning to catch on. Until recently, many ...
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I imagine Space can feel very lonely. A scene from Hidden Figures comes to mind, the one where John Glenn is in a capsule that's burning up and he has lost all communication with Earth. And in contrast to that, another scene that comes to mind is watching President Obama having a casual Skype ...
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Tech Challenges and Pro Bono Solutions

Taproot Foundation is hosting an event on April 26 called Bridging the Technology Divide. It's about tech pro bono—pairing skilled volunteers with nonprofits on technology projects—and they invited me to kick off the day by sharing some thoughts on how technology can help nonprofits face ...
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Donuts and Graphic Design

On a recent episode of 99% Invisible, Michael Bierut, the designer of Hillary Clinton's campaign logo gave an interview about the art and science of logo design. It brought me back to the graphic design class I took in college. It was 1995, the Counting Crows were in heavy rotation on my dorm room ...
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Help: I Need a More Tech-Savvy Board

If you're reading Idealware's blog, I'm guessing you're curious about technology and how it can make your organization better. Does your board share that curiosity? In a breakout session at the 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference, Jeanne Allen and I facilitated a conversation about technology and ...
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The Challenges Grantmakers Face in Supporting Technology

Can grants managers play a role in helping nonprofits get the technology funding they need to be successful? I led a discussion on this topic yesterday at the PEAK Grantmaking (formerly Grants Managers Network) conference in Hollywood, California. The breakout session, "How To Spot the Missing Tech ...
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Designing Hands-On Technology Training

In this second post in our series about hands-on technology training, Birgit Pauli-Haack explains how she designs a training session. Read the first installment on training logistics here.
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Logistics for Hands-On Training

Offering technology training is a great way to boost user adoption and improve technology effectiveness—except sometimes the training really stinks. I interviewed Birgit Pauli-Haack, an expert on technology training in the nonprofit workplace, to hear her tips on delivering hands-on software ...
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