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Data from Nonprofit Assessments Shows Weakness in Cybersecurity, Technology Planning

Digital maturity makes nonprofit organizations more resilient, adaptable, and effective. What can Tech Impact's data tell us about how prepared nonprofit organizations are to thrive in a digital world?
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How I Chose an Online Auction Tool

This year I got recruited to join the planning committee for a gala event to support performing arts at my son's high school. This event is the school's biggest fundraiser of the year and features a student-led variety show, games, and a silent auction.
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Nine Benefits of Staying Up to Date on Technology Learning

Technology, once thought of as the realm of nerds, is now part of everyone's job. From museum curators to Head Start bus drivers, nonprofit staff members rely on technology to help them deliver programs and coordinate their work. Staying up-to-date and regularly expanding your technology knowledge ...
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10 Questions to Use to Audit Your Website

Is your website performing as well as it could? Does it communicate what you want it to? How do you know if it’s meeting the needs of your audience to the best of its abilities? 
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Three Ways to Take Advantage of Tech Impact’s Tuition Waiver

We’re entering the third year of a pandemic and you deserve free stuff. Tech Impact is waiving tuition for two courses this month.
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CRM Software Selection for Nonprofits: It’s All About the Fit

Here we are in the height of seasonal sales, and for some people, gift-giving. You might be checking online reviews to find out which tech gadget or gift is the best in its category. That approach might work great for earbuds, but a more complex purchase requires a more sophisticated approach. ...
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Tech Policy Questions from Nonprofit Leaders—Answered

Tech Impact's own Karen Graham and Francis Johnson recently presented a webinar about nonprofit technologies with Nonprofit Quarterly. Here, they choose a few audience questions on which to go deeper. Questions are lightly edited for clarity and brevity.
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Tech Impact and Idealware: My Perspective on the Merger and on Maintaining Editorial Independence

This post was written by Karen Graham, Idealware’s Director of Capacity Building (formerly Executive Director). As of Oct 1, 2018, Idealware and Tech Impact merged, with Idealware becoming a program of Tech Impact. We’ve published it in parallel with a post written from the perspective of Pat ...
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How Often Should We Replace Computers?

My laptop has been giving me some trouble lately. It seems like it’s running more slowly, and has a hard time connecting to the printer and the headset. Because I’m always telling people they should replace their laptops every three years, and mine is three and a half years old, this is the part ...
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