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Parting Words from the First Las Vegas ITWorks Class

James Mazza and Shawn Davis, recent Las Vegas ITWorks graduates.
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Delaware ITWorks Students Graduate Tomorrow - Thank You to All of Our Volunteers!

Governor Jack Markell speaking with the Delaware ITWorks spring 2016 class.
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Where Would Philly ITWorks be Without Our Volunteers?

Philadelphia ITWorks students visited Beneficial Bank for a Friday session. As the Philadelphia ITWorks session draws to a close (graduation is this Friday, June 24th!), we wanted to take some time to thank all of our wonderful, dedicated volunteers. Without them, running our program would not be ...
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The Power of an ITWorks Internship

Photo: amppob.com ITWorks students begin their internships, included as part of the ITWorks program, in just a few short weeks. ITWorks includes this element in the 16-week program curriculum because internships are of paramount importance to getting a job later on. We are still looking for ...
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Preventative Computer Maintenance

Photo: Wikimedia Commons Preventative maintenance is critical to protecting computers and keeping them functioning at their best. While many computer users don't consider themselves "experts," it's easy to perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks. Regular maintenance helps computers run faster ...
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ITWorks: First Day of Delaware Classes – Meet Courtney Bowen!

Courtney is excited to start classes with ITWorks today, and hopes to one day build her skills in the area of application and web development. She looks forward to the security and stability a good job in information technology can offer.
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ITWorks - First Day of Philadelphia Classes!

One of our ITWorks instructors sat down with Erik Toch, who is starting classes in Philadelphia today, to discuss where he is in life now, at the start of our program, what he hopes to accomplish during, and where he wants to be when he’s finished.
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ITWorks Las Vegas - Our First Student!

ITWorks has accepted their first applicant to the brand new program in Las Vegas! Brandon Vazquez is an outstanding candidate who has persevered through trying circumstances and is now following his dream of working in information technology. We caught up with him to ask a few questions about what ...
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Workforce Development for Opportunity Youth

Opportunity youth are those in their early adult years who are neither enrolled in school nor participating in the labor market. The term “opportunity youth” refers to the lost economic opportunities that result from their disconnection. Short term economic consequences include increased crime and ...
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