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Nonprofits Taking Big Strides With Data

Data is a powerful tool, but only when collected, saved, stored, and utilized properly. Whether that’s donor data being entered into your CRM or ERP system, or properly managing sorting, and and filing important files for easy access. Data is how our nonprofits run in the the 21st century ...
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Is it time for a CRM at your nonprofit?

Your organization’s most valuable asset isn’t your hardware or software, it’s your list of donors, volunteers, friends, and other constituents. It’s their trust and contact information, and their time or monetary support that makes your nonprofit tick. That data is what's key to your nonprofit ...
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How Nonprofits Benefit From Data Visualization

  The amount of data being created each year is staggering. By 2015 the global annual rate of data production exceeded 5.6 zettabytes; that's double the rate of growth in 2012, according to  IDC. Data alone, however, hardly gives executives and board members access to the valuable insights that ...
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Clouds, Data, And Your Nonprofit

  Image courtesy of pixavi Computers and technology have enabled humans to work faster than ever before. Their ability to centralize and organize information, files, and data imperative to your nonprofit is essential to the success of your mission.
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Preparing For Data Disasters

Data. It’s what we call our powerpoint presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets. It’s what we call photos from fundraising events, our nonprofit’s websites, and how we refer to almost all the information and digital materials we use on a daily basis.
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What Nonprofit Data Services Really Means

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term “data services” before, but without fully understanding what it means, much of the rhetoric surrounding the term can be difficult, or downright impossible, to understand. You and your colleagues certainly understand the impact your organization has on the ...
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4 Practical Ways To Boost Nonprofit Security

If you’re not paranoid, you’re crazy. The ever present risk of data theft or misuse and the potential harm it could cause to yourself and to your nonprofit is down right scary. And believe it or not, hackers aren’t the stereotypical computer guru, sitting in a dimly lit room looking at a dozen ...
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4 Ways To Optimize Your Nonprofit's Donation Page

  Image courtesy of Generation X Financial   Most, if not all, nonprofit organizations have donation pages. They are the crux of your nonprofit’s fundraising campaigns, the end of the journey for potential donors. You have strategically advertised, campaigned, researched markets, and have finally ...
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Infographic: Advance Your Missions With Data Management

Image: SAS The power of data has swayed traditional business practices in both for profit and nonprofit organizations alike. In the nonprofit sector, through effectively harnessing, organizing, and subsequently visualizing data and information about donors, organizations are armed with a plethora ...
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