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Balancing Cyber Security and the User Experience

There is a common misconception that users must trade simplicity and usability in exchange for protection from cyber risks. However, in search of the right balance between security and usability, a key concept has been missed. It is increased usability that promotes stronger security. Usability ...
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Open-Source Software Risks and How to Mitigate Them

What is Open-Source Software An estimated 90% of organizations use at least one open-source component. Software that allows for public viewing, modification, and enhancement of its code is referred to as open-source software. This software is usually developed by a developer community and is ...
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Developing a Cyber Security Program for a Non-Profit Organization

What is a Cybersecurity Program? Cyber risk management is critical to protecting information and systems from cyber threats. Many non-profit organizations are stuck in a fire fighting reactive approach, depending on a small collection of cyber security tools to defend their organization from cyber ...
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