Andrea Berry

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Six Tips for Navigating the Vendor Demo

Here at Idealware we watch a lot of software demos.  And with experience comes wisdom, or at least a thorough understanding of the demo formula.
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Getting to Know Your Communications Q&A

In the first class of our five week course, Mastering Your Mix: A Practical Approach to Integrated Communications, we focused on finding your core audience and how your communications should be tailored to their wants. We had a lot of great questions from the session, many of which were answered by ...
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Thanking Your Donors: Q&A

With our year-end fundraising behind us, we've thanked our donors and are already moving on to think about next year's campaign--but we wanted to take a minute to talk about that ever-important thank you. You should be thanking donors for every fundraising campaign. We say it a lot, but it bears ...
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