Attract Tech Volunteers To Your Nonprofit With These 5 Tips

Image courtesy of Technorati. Image courtesy of Technorati.

We all know nonprofits don't have a huge budget for a full IT support staff, but some nonprofits look for volunteers to help keep the technology cranking.

Techies are an interesting type of person--many intrigued by the challenge of being presented with a problem or something that does not work as well as it could, and being asked to fix or solve the issue .Idealware lists several great suggestions to attracting more and better technology volunteers.

  1. Keywords

    Tech people are very familiar with web browsing, better than the average person due to their knowledge of web architecture, design, function, and flow. When a tech person is searching a database for opportunities, they are able to skim through very quickly and will only stop to look at a listing that catches their attention. By using keywords in the title of your listing tech volunteers will be able to pick yours out of the pile quickly and at first glance.

    Also, using keywords in the details of the tech listing will make it easier for a techie to search and find your listing.

  2. Show your human side

    People from a technology background are typically laid back and enjoy those with a sense of humor. Make sure your nonprofit is connecting with these specific volunteers in a relaxed and familiar manner.

  3. Give specifics

    If a technology person is looking to donate their time to your charity, it is likely they also help others with tech issues in their spare time, and probably have a full or part-time job. Be respectful of a techie's time by stating the time commitment and job requirements in the listing. That can save everyone a lot of time and trouble. If hours and commitment is flexible, write that! At lease let the applicant know what to expect.

  4. Stroke the ego

    This is easier than you might think, and likely part of your interview process when it comes to brining on IT volunteers. Ask the techie to tell you about their work and why they are proud of it.

  5. Inspire

    What will the techie get from working with your organization? Explain the importance of their time and job in relation to the overall impact of your nonprofit. Giving a tech volunteer a connection with the job will ensure their reliability and longevity at your nonprofit.

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