Apple Developer Program Waives Fees for Nonprofits


When it comes to developer programs Apple might just take the cake. Being able to have an apple developer program membership can be a dream to nonprofits who often struggle with third party tools and templates in order to get their apps up and running on the app store. Luckily, for Nonprofit organizations, this dream is more attainable than ever.

With new rules updated in the App Store Developer guidelines, it was becoming harder for apps to be accepted as Apple was prohibiting apps that were created from "commercialized templates or app generating services." Basically putting an arrow through the heart of many nonprofits. Yet, Apple has just announced recently that it will begin waiving fees for nonprofits and other organizations to gain membership to the apple developer program.

With that said it might be time to learn about app development, or just catch up on your technological skills as a nonprofit in hopes of someday being able to create an app through this program. Tech Impact can help prepare your technology and ready you as an organization for this very probable next step!

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